Healthy Cold Coffee Recipe | @GudWoork

Healthy Cold Coffee Recipe | GudWoork

Healthy Cold Coffee Recipe No Dairy Milk or Refined sugar super healthy and tasty cold coffee which you can enjoy in your weight loss journey so lets get started with the recipe add in 1-4 cup warm water and to this add in 1 teaspoon organic instant coffee powder you can increase instant coffee powder as per your taste one to one and a half teaspoons of coffee powder will be ideal instead of instant coffee powder you can also use freshly brewed coffee but make sure you are using organic coffee powder and once it is nicely mixed keep it aside into my small chutney grinder add in 10 to 12 overnight soaked and peeled almonds add in one soft medjool dates now if your dates is not soft like mine you may need to soak it for at least 10 minutes and then add it into the blender using medjool dates and as you can see its very soft and is easily blendable add in half cup water and going to blend this until everything is nicely mixed and combined so basically making a naturally sweetened almond milk if you have almond milk or cashew milk or any plant-based milk at hand you can totally omit this process and now going to blend this until everything is nicely mixed and combined and my homemade naturally sweetened almond milk is ready transferring it into another bowl as you can see there is some residue almond milk in the chutney grinder so into this add in some water about a couple of tablespoon water and washing down the residue into the cup and now going to keep this aside to serve the cold coffee into a serving glass add in ice cubes and then pouring the almond milk over the ice cubes you can see how creamy the almond milk is and lastly i am topping it with the prepared coffee and my super healthy sugar-free and dairy-free cold coffee is ready to serve so guys do try this healthy cold coffee recipe and let me know how it turned out thanks for reading my article and until next time take care..

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