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Indian Kelvaragu koolu


Kelvaragu Koolu It is made with kelvaragu flour and rice and then thinned with buttermilk This Koolu can be eaten as a breakfast or lunch with vengaya milagai more milagai or pickle are very good side dishes for this Kelvaragu Koolu it is the one of the important dish that is being prepared in the month of Aadi. In Aadi is the fourth month in Tamil calendar and people makes this dish as a offering to goddess during this month It is very healthy as the ragi / kelvaragu is rich in Iron & Calcium We make this dish a lot during on summer time we can see on the roadside shops in Tamil Nadu sell this Koolu during summer season. They have big pots full of this Koolu with variety of side dish like more milagai, vengaya milagai, vadagam & pickle. Ragi Koolu & kambu Koolu are the two main dishes which my mom makes in the summer and we mostly have vengaya milagai as the side dish Some people prefer tho have non veg side dishe like mutton dry curry, fish curry etc.

I ground the rice coarsely & cooked it and then added the kelvaragu batter But you can add the already cooked white rice or any left over white rice. It can save you time Traditionally this Koolu will be prepared by fermenting. the people with sensitive stomach or poor digestion cant tolerate this fermented Koolu So if you are having stomach problems after you eat this it is better to skip fermenting process next time Instead you can have this Koolu after 2 hours of making it If you choose to ferment the Koolu you can either ferment the kelvaragu batter as a raw or ferment the cooked Koolu as mentioned in this recipe you are going to ferment the batter just mix the kelvaragu flour with water & keep it overnight and make Koolu next day we have spoken all about Koolu now lets see how to prepare this

  • How to prepare Kelvaragu Koolu

  • Take a 1 cup Kelvaragu Maavu / Ragi flour
  • 1/4 cup raw rice
  • 7 cups water
  • Buttermilk as required approx 1 cup
  • Salt to Taste as required

Kelvaragu flour in a bowl add three cup of water & mix it well without any lumps using a hand whisk The batter has to be thin After mixing keep this batter aside Now take 1/4 cup of rice wash well & drain all the water from it After that spread the rice in a paper towel to absorb excess water Let's keept it dry for ten minutes or till it dries up It should need to dry completely. Once it got dried take the rice in a blender / mixer Grind it into a coarse powder. Now boil four cups of water it starts boiling add the coarsely ground rice.

Now Cook it till its done Mix it often to avoid sticking to the bottom This will thicken as it cook so add more water if needed when your rice is cooked take the kelvaragu mixture and pour it slowly into the rice and at the same time stir it continuously to prevent the lumps carefully And add salt as much it required and let it cook Mix & scrape the sides in between to avoid sticking to the bottom & sides The kelvaragu Koolu will get thicker as it cooks Keep cooking till it is done. As it gets cooking the color of the kelvaragu gets dark To see whether it is cooked just wet your hand Touch the Koolu with your fingers If it comes clean without sticking then it is done now allow to cool down When it is warm enough to handle make balls out of kelvaragu mixture and place it in a bowl full of drinking water. Make balls out of the remaining and keep it in the water Cover and let it sit overnight Allow it to ferment overnight at room temperature At the next day take one ball and add yogurt and some of the soaked water in a bowl Mix it well It has to be semi solid so adjust water & buttermilk Taste and add the salt buttermilk if needed Add some chopped onion to the Koolu Now it is ready to have. Just enjoy the taste.

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